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#30DayMapChallenge 2021

DAY 01


I attempted to plot the route taken by Kowalski in the 1971 movie Vanishing Point.

Vanishing Point

Day 02


Visualising NYC road and rail data in Blender – with a nod to Tron.

The Grid

Day 03


Continuing the Tron vibe, I added NYC building polygons to my emerging cityscape.

The Grid: Legacy

Day 04


A simple hex, map created in Unfolded, to visualise the number of board game shops in Europe based on OSM data.

A Games Workshop-inspired Hex Sheet Map

Day 05


Taking its cue from merch by Boston celtic-punk band Dropkick Murphy’s, I extracted OSM road data to map and visualise the city.

Shipping Up to Boston

Day 06


Mapping some of the key venues from the 3 Colours Red and Bush tour from 1997 (the first ever gig I went to was the one at Aston Villa Leisure Centre).

3 Colours Red

Day 07


Visualising green space amongst the buildings in Birmingham city centre.

Green Space in Brum

Day 08


And visualising some blue space (the mainly culverted River Rea) in Birmingham city centre.

Brum: A River Runs Through It

Day 09


A little tribute to legendary Seattle band Soundgarden, some lidar data mapped showing the ‘sound garden‘ sculpture (adjacent to Magnuson Park in the city) which gave the band its name.

Fell on Black Days

Day 10


A subtle ‘Tanaka’-style map of the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) based on SRTM raster data.

Day 11


A 3-D visualisation of Mount Etna amongst some mist and low-lying clouds.

Day 12


A quick bubble map of the world’s least populated capital cities.

Day 13

Natural Earth

Shaded relief (cross-blended hypsometric tint) and populated places data source from visualised on a spinning globe.

A Natural Earth?

Day 14

Map with a new tool

My first foray in R and the Rayshader tool to visualise SRTM eleveation data.

Day 15

Map made without a computer

A map made out of Weetos to show some of the biggest cocoa bean producing countries.

Day 16


A simple thematic map showing urban and rural areas in the West Midlands.

Day 17


Rockall is an uninhabitable granite islet situated in the North Atlantic Ocean that is claimed by the UK.

Does it count as land?

Day 18


A world map based on bathymetry data

(Source: Blue Earth Bathymetry)

Day 19


A (half-finished) map of the Orkney Islands and its Neolithic stone circles and standing stones/

Day 20


An isochrone map of access to airports in Great Britain.

Day 21


A ‘joyplot’ map of Mexico where the lines reprent the elevelation. Colour and font based on the 1986 world cup logo.

Day 22


The strange legacy boundary in Bristol.

Day 23


Population densities of Scandanavia and the Baltic nations, based on the European Commission’s Global Human Settlement Layer (GHSL) data.

Day 24


I georeferenced my Afica by Toto shaped vinyl picture disc – which features a map of the continent from the early 80s – and added some relief using SRTM elevation data and rendered in 3-d.

Day 25


A scene from Snowdonia created in Mapbox with a vintage Ordance Survey map overlay. Interactive version available here.

Day 26


Instead of just making a normal choropleth map, I wanted to highlight the difference it can make when clipped to buildings – see here for interactive version to adjust slider.

Day 27


Something went wrong on this one and after a very busy day at work I didnt have time to fix it!

A heatmap gone wrong

Day 28

The Earth is not flat

A releif map of the world, in Bonne projection, where it actually looks rather bumpy and..erm…not flat.

Day 29


Null Island is the name used to refer to the point on the Earth’s surface at zero degrees latitude and zero degrees longitude. Using the WGS84 datum, this point is located in international waters in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of West Africa.

Day 30

Meta mapping day

A screenshot of WinDirStat showing my #30DayMapChallenge2021 and the impact it had on my hard drive this year.

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